Consultation to Carry the Automotive Industry Forward

August 2018

“We will Bring New Ideas to the Industry with Our Meetings”

Siff organized a consultation meeting in Bursa to advance the automotive industry, bringing together manufacturers, suppliers, and suppliers’ suppliers. During the meeting, the problems of the industry were discussed and new ideas were presented for the development of the industry.

Taking an important step towards advancing the industry, improving technology in Turkey and offering solutions to common problems, Siff brought together manufacturers, suppliers, and suppliers’ suppliers. Siff Trade Manager Özgür Yıldız said they wanted to make these meetings periodic and stated, “Although Turkey produces technological products, the knowledge and connections between companies are limited, and we are not aware of the developments. To overcome this problem, we need to communicate with each other and establish partnerships in certain areas.”

8 ST Robot Yatırımları August 2018