1. Not causing harm to nature and living beings at any stage of production.

2. Producing in ethical working conditions in accordance with world standards.

3. Considering customer satisfaction as the highest priority in all stages.

4. High quality and discipline.

5. Trust and guarantee in the product.

6. Providing continuous training and certifications for the development of the business for both customers and employees.

7. Giving priority to “Analytical Hierarchy Process” procedures in the selection of supplier companies.

8. Staying faithful to our “Material Management System,” which plays a big role in ensuring customer satisfaction, by:

  • i. Efficient utilization of materials,
  • ii. Producing the same quality product with less material,
  • iii. Ensuring the reuse of materials as appropriate,
  • iv. Using materials in a manner that minimizes harmful effects on the environment,
  • v. Improving material transportation systems,
  • vi. Improving warehouse organization,
  • vii. Conducting field audits of contracts made with suppliers,
  • viii. Improving the system established for timely delivery of raw materials.

9. Our raw material usage policy:

  • i. Comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations,
  • ii. Obtain the necessary environmental permits and ensure compliance with the laws,
  • iii. Work with supplier companies to minimize the use of natural resources and waste,
  • iv. Properly dispose of waste and discharge waste waters in accordance with environmental obligations.

10. Assist suppliers in complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

11. Ensure that our suppliers maintain transparent and up-to-date records to prove their compliance with relevant regulations.

12. Avoiding a confrontational culture and providing service with a conciliatory and solution-focused approach.

13. Protect the intellectual property rights of our business partners.

14. Encouraging suppliers to provide a safe, healthy, and hygienic working environment for their employees in accordance with ILO standards.

15. Manage customer relationships in accordance with globally accepted data privacy standards.

16. Conducting business activities and relationships within the framework of ethical values.

17. Promoting the development of our employees throughout the company to achieve social impact and sustainability.

18. Develop policies and practices that are focused on ensuring the well-being, development, and economic security of our employees and customers, while never compromising on human rights and eliminating discrimination.

19. While striving to contribute to a stable climate, a healthy and peaceful planet, implement creative and innovative solutions for more sustainable products.

20. Continuing to provide comprehensive, equipped and long-term post-sales support that prioritizes customer needs and satisfaction, as it was done in the past.