SİFF focused on the European Market

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Stating that they are focused on exports, SİFF Sales Director Özgür Yıldız said, “We are increasing our work in the automotive and white goods sectors in the EU.” said.

SİFF Elektromekanik, which started its activities in Bursa in 1991, is the only domestic company in Turkey that produces robotic spot welding pliers, timers, inverters and software in the field of robotics, and carries out important studies especially in the field of robot technologies.

In addition, the company, which makes domestic productions in the field of customer and job-specific welding lines and welding automation, realizes its software and hardware in-house and offers turnkey solutions to its customers from the beginning of the project to its completion.


Özgür Yıldız, SİFF Electromechanical Sales Director, said that in 2018, they focused on working especially in the fields of robotics and welding lines and increased their export share in parallel.

Yıldız said, “We increased our export share, which was around 20-25 percent, to around 75 percent. We started to export seriously especially to European Union countries. We have commissioned projects for special welding lines and turnkey welding automations.” he said.


Sharing information about their future targets, Yıldız noted that they plan to increase their export shares and turnover in 2019.

Yıldız continued his words as follows: “We are gradually increasing our work with leading companies in the European Union, especially in the automotive and white goods sectors. There are projects that are pending and that we are starting. Germany and England are at the forefront of the countries we target and implement projects. Apart from these, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy are among our target and current markets.”


Stating that they mainly carry out works for the automotive sector in the country, Yıldız stated that there is no company that does not have customers, especially in the automotive sub-industry, and said, “We are a leading company in both standard spot welding machines and job-specific automation, and we aim to continue this.